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Benefits of Premium Membership On Sociota

Benefits of Premium Membership On Sociota
by Nikhil Tiwari Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2014
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Maximise the opportunities on social media with a Sociota Premium Membership. Our Premium Membership account offers you numerous features to drive traffic to your website and extend the reach of your content.

The Premium Membership option is perfect for your business to yield a significant social media return and turn your brand into an industry thought leader. The features on the Premium Membership gives you tools to create, monitor and analyse your campaigns all on one dashboard.

With the Premium Membership you can:

Connect an unlimited number of accounts:

Manage all your social media accounts from one place. Unlike other social media tools, Sociota does not limit the number of profiles you can connect to your account. Your profiles can be grouped together so you can publish content to several accounts in just a few clicks – saving you time and effort and ensuring you don’t miss out publishing content on important accounts.

Schedule your updates:

Want to create all your content in one go and schedule it in for the week or month? Sociota allows you to create and schedule up to 1,000 updates per month. Create them individually or upload them with our bulk updater to save even more time. Don’t worry about shrinking the URL length either; we have developed our own link shortening tool to do the work for you.

Discover new content:

Our RSS feed allows you to discover new content when you connect your content publishers of choice to your account’s RSS feed. You can then select what articles you want to share with your audience with just one click. This is by far the easiest way to discover topics of interest to engage your audience and increase engagement with your brand.

Profile and Social Analytics

Discover in detail how your profiles are performing online with snapshot analysis on your content and links. Measure the results of your campaign and discover the opportunities existing for your brand. This is a really helpful tool that will guide your constant improvement of your social media campaigns.

Follower management

Ensure you are following the right people and know who is following you with the basic follower management system on Sociota. Our follower management gives you a wealth of information on the users who have taken an interest in your brand including their profile information, how many people are following them and they are following and their Sociota scores; perfect for identifying key influencers in your industry.

A free month trial

Looking to try out the Premium Membership on Sociota? You can for 1 month with no purchase. Just sign up now and take advantage of all our tools designed for you.

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