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Benefits of Premium Plus Membership On Sociota

Benefits of Premium Plus Membership On Sociota
by Sociota Posted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Give your premium social media a little plus with our Premium Plus account, a powerful push to a better social media output.

Social media is an important part of your online marketing activities. Customers regularly claim they use social media for brand and product research, interacting with potential suppliers and resolving issues. Not having an active social media account can be disruptive to your sales process, with many customers stating they wouldn’t buy from a company without a Facebook or Twitter account.

Managing multiple social media profiles can be time consuming with some businesses spending two or three hours a day managing their accounts. Although this time can be productive, it could be more efficiently spent. A social media management tool, like Sociota, is perfect for maintaining a presence online, while minimising the time spent creating and publishing content.

Sociota allows you to manage an unlimited number of social media profiles, grouped together for ease of cross-platform promotion. Our unique system offers detailed analysis so you can tune your social media output to align better with the expectations of your audience and expand your reach with our unique exchange programs.

With our Premium Plus Management system you will benefit from:

Scheduling of up to 5000 social media posts per month.

Live reporting on your content’s reach and your social profile’s success.

• Advanced follower management.

Monitor hashtags to find high performance options with limited competition.

• Access to the Like and Content share exchange schemes with 2,000 points to help you.

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