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Effectively Scheduling your posts on Social Media

Effectively Scheduling your posts on Social Media
by Vartika Srivastava Posted on Monday, November 30, 2015
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In a business scenario, scheduling involves planning activities ahead of your time to meet professional objectives. It is extremely important to know how to effectively schedule your updates on social media. Scheduling your posts and updates on social media is an important aspect of your social media strategy.

Scheduling updates is a small step but saves a lot of time and energy. It enables you to update several posts and updates on different platforms attracting your target audience. It is especially of great importance when your target audience is in a different time zone.

Scheduling is important for social media productivity; you need to continuously update content to create a comprehensive social media schedule by breaking down your daily and weekly social media tasks and even summarize some important tasks for each day. Optimizing your social media schedule is an important task as well. It gives you the most effective time to schedule your updates on social media.

Scheduling is actually a regular time to conduct planning of your activities at the start of every week or month. There are a number of different tools to choose from and one of them is Sociota. Professionals need to select a scheduling tool depending on their business objectives and budget. Sociota is one of the major scheduling tools planning your updates ahead in time according to your niche. Using Post planner, you can schedule your updates and posts on different social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

Exclusive Features of Post Planner:

Message Box:
Using the left panel of your Post Planner, you can type your message in the message box with a word limit of around 140 characters. There is a character counter which shows if you have exceeded the 140 characters limit for Twitter.

Link Shortener:
Using link shorteners and, you surely can shorten your link once you make an account with it. It offers you a comprehensive analytics of the links you shorten when you select the compose message tool.

Select appropriate Social Media Profiles:
On the basis of selection of number of social media platforms, you can select multiple profiles where you wish to update your posts. The accounts with a tick at the bottom right of the icon are the ones that select the right social media platform.

Using Scheduler, you can schedule or pre-schedule your posts and updates on social media on any particular date of your choice. You can actually schedule posts which can save time well in advance.

Effectively scheduling your posts and updates can lead to enhanced business opportunities. Scheduling or pre-scheduling posts on social media can save time in advance helping businesses to concentrate on different business aspects. Effective scheduling helps you in planning your business goals ahead in time.

To achieve your business objective, you need to consistently focus on what is most important and get that done. Publishing frequency is an important aspect of effective scheduling updates on social media. This consistency helps your audience understand as when to expect an innovative piece of blog from you and keep a consistent account that maximizes your engagement without delaying posts and updates. One can plan time-sensitive content like holidays, events, product launches, contest and many of these time-sensitive events ahead of time and place it on a calendar.




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