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Expand Your Reach With Facebook

Expand Your Reach With Facebook
by Priyanka Sharma Posted on Friday, October 31, 2014
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Too many businesses still don’t realise how they can generate leads on the social media network giant Facebook. Part of the problem is that Facebook is a more personal platform rather than a corporate one like Twitter and LinkedIn. Therefore, your mindset needs to change.

Just because Facebook is more personal doesn’t mean that it is useless for those selling to businesses. In fact, some B2B companies have achieved huge successes on Facebook. Hubspot achieved 570,000 fans and 190,000 leads from Facebook marketing. That has fuelled their growth to one of the top content marketing companies in the US.

The secret to Facebook marketing is just like with blog writing or Twitter – you want to share information that will solve a problem for your target audience. Once you have created that mindset, you can achieve significant things with your social media marketing.

Here are few tips to help you get there:

1. Don’t Build A Facebook Strategy

You don’t want to build a strategy for every single social media platform your business uses. Instead you want to build a content strategy that accounts for all those social media platforms. This allows you to develop a plan that aligns all your profiles into achieving the same series of goals. 

The advantages of this is that the same piece of content like a blog, ebook, video, podcast, etc can be shared several times over the many different networks. This content should be your strategy,with your social media manager only having to create platform specific content to advertise it.

2. Don’t Think About Lead Generation

Lead generation content on Facebook does not work for the majority of businesses.  Instead you want to be aiming for other goals such as website traffic, reach, awareness, customer satisfaction and engagement. These are important measures that are the building blocks for generating interest and leads for your business.

As you increase your reach on Facebook you’ll find that you’ll organically grow your leads and develop a strong email marketing list. Email marketing performs much better than social media at selling. Social media is often seen by customers as more of a brand discovery platform.

3. Design Each Piece Of Content So It Is Not About Generating Leads

This is the hardest part for many

Once you start to generate the interest in your updates you can start a conversation. This conversation will naturally lead to more positive goodwill building between you and your customers and eventually they will become brand reliant. Customer becoming brand reliant will then come to your business to buy products and use your services.

4. Use Visuals

Images are always important and Facebook is no different. Research has shown that the click through rate of those with images or videos attached is 128% higher than those without. If you are posting about a new blog post then use the image for that post. For any other content go out and find something before posting it online.

Just be sure that you aren’t using an image that is copyright protected without buying the rights. This has landed some businesses in trouble with some infringers being changed more than 10 times the value of purchasing the image before posting it.

5. Consider Advertising

Consider advertising your business on Facebook. You could try to use Facebook ads, which can be pretty effective. However, you can also use the Sociota Exchange program to spread news about your content and acquire likes.

The process is fairly simple; you advertise your page or content on our network and offer to pay the person who takes up your offer with Sociota points. Those who have taken your offer can then use their Sociota points to gain fans for themselves. It is worth the investment i as you can see your growth exponentially grow.

Only Free accounts don’t get any access to Sociota points and the Like Exchange.


Consider exactly what your goals should be and stay away from thinking about lead generation. Those businesses that implement the suggestions above find their lead generation organically grows and they can achieve more.

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