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How to boost your Online Business using Social Media Analytics and Reporting

How to boost your Online Business using Social Media Analytics and Reporting
by Vartika Srivastava Posted on Thursday, September 17, 2015
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In the Online business world, Social Media Analytics and Reporting plays a key role in enhancing audience engagement and social media marketing. However, online businesses are not able to fully leverage the benefits of Social Media Analytics and Reporting. Leveraging its value, businesses can be greatly benefitted in terms of enhancing their brand value and online brand presence.

Role of Social Media Analytics in enhancing online business:

Social Media Analytics helps you identify the opportunities to enhance your return on investment. Using Social Media Analytics, you can track and analyze the traffic of your website. It enables you to identify your target audience along with your target market. Analyzing this information, you can work on different social media marketing strategies and implement them effectively. Competitor analysis is a major aspect of Social Media Analytics and Reporting. It helps in building your marketing campaigns by conducting in-depth competitor analysis. Selecting the right tool for Social Media Analytics & Reporting is an important aspect of online business.Sociota offers you instant access to detailed statistics that helps you in addressing your comprehensive business needs.

Role of Social Media Reporting in Competitive analysis:

Social Media Reporting is an integral aspect of competitive analysis.Sociota helps you in carrying out competitor analysis using a unique feature known as “MagicBox Reporting”. Several online businesses are using this comprehensive tool for enhancing traffic on their website by measuring their audience engagement on the basis of Reach, Activity, Engagement and Sentiment. With the help of this tool, you can obtain a comprehensive report of your competitors in a matter of seconds. These reports are live and get updated itself. Sociota provides social media reports that are publicly available and its link can be quoted anywhere.

Engaging Audience using Social Media:
Using Sociota, you can manage different social media profiles like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Googleplus. With its unique dashboard, you can schedule a post on all social media profiles simultaneously. This helps in saving your time and efforts to a great deal and also help in connecting with your target audience at the right time. Sociota helps you analyze and focus your efforts on social media platforms are gaining good response with your audience.

Using Sociota, you can manage different aspects of Social Media Management:

In the present scenario, you can boost your online business by focusing on your social media marketing strategies by employing social media analytics and reporting. Social media marketing is not only about building a huge audience but it is about offering right content to the right audience at the right time. Sociota offers you hassle free solution for all your online business needs by addressing your target audience.


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