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How to Design Social Media Marketing Strategies for your Business?

How to Design Social Media Marketing Strategies for your Business?
by Vartika Srivastava Posted on Friday, September 25, 2015
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Understanding your target audience is an important aspect of any online business. With different social media platforms entering the web world, the need of the hour is to design your social media marketing strategies in an effective manner to reach out to your specific audience. Several online businesses are hiring services of social media management companies to develop marketing strategies.

According to Reuters,“Social Media has taken as the top most activity on the web. It has become an integral aspect of our lives.” Social Media is here to stay and grow with newer platforms entering the internet world. Today, Social media is the focus of attention of the entire world especially online businesses. According to Fast Company, “Around 93% of marketers are employing social media to enhance their business.” Social Media obsession is growing by leaps and bounds. It is offering golden opportunities for marketers to enhance their businesses.

Here, are some of the unique Social Media Marketing strategies for your business:

Regular updates and posts on different social media channel:

A well-defined social media strategy is required for promotion of your content. Without a proper strategy, your content is not going to reach its target audience. Sharing regular content over different social media channels gives you an edge over others in this field. For instance; Analyze how frequently your competitors are posting on different social media channels. Being active on social media channels is important but not being very active. Sociota is one of the social media management platform is addressing your diversified needs. It helps you in managing and scheduling your social feeds. It helps in monitoring and managing your social feeds and analytics. It helps in sentiment analysis of different social media channels.

Give each social media channel equal importance:
Devise your social media strategy depending on the audience of each channel. For instance; if you want to share any business news on different social media channels than modify it as per the audience for that social media channel like; LinkedIn is best for sharing business-centric and informative content for professional audience, Facebook is best for sharing informative as well as entertaining content.

Enhance Communication with your customers:
Communicating with your customers is extremely important to build trust with them. Giving response to the comments on Facebook page or twitter profile should be an important aspect of your social media strategy. A disappointed customer may turn to your competitor for better services. Delivering timely and thoughtful response by social media professionals of your company leaves an indelible impression in the mind of your customers thereby building trusted relationship with them.  

Track Analytics for building loyal client base:
Companies need to set aside a time to review metrics after a fixed time interval to understand your competition. Businesses need to focus on different parameters like: Clicks to your site/products, page views, post likes or shares, impressions, follower base and others as well. Sociota helps in tracking analytics for your company by keeping a hawk’s eye on customer statistics and adjusting marketing campaigns accordingly. Collaborate with different departments like sales, services and others as sales and customer service department communicate with prospective customers on a daily basis.Incorporating the feedback from different departments helps in revising and modifying social media strategy. Different departments need to conduct departmental meetings to create goal for the future.

According to Technical Consultant at SCL, Chris Suarez, “Marketers need to create unique content visible to customers at each stage of the buying cycle. An important rule is that if customer will like your content, Google will automatically like your content.” Each company’s social media strategy revolves around their goals. Social media strategy also needs to focus on the recent trends in the particular field. Using the above social media strategies, you can identify your business needs and built your social media strategy accordingly. All the Best!



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