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How Your Christmas Campaigns Should Be Run

How Your Christmas Campaigns Should Be Run
by Priyanka Sharma Posted on Saturday, November 15, 2014
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The Christmas holidays are a time when many businesses shut down their offices and nobody is there to update social media profiles. However, often, the Christmas afternoon and Boxing Day is one of the busiest days for users: many of whom are looking to test their gifts from loved ones.

For retail businesses, this could be an important period for your social media selling. Not only can you draw attention to your brand but you can generate leads and make sales through your various accounts. The B2B businesses, it is a different story.

How To Run Campaigns On The Day?

It is easy to run campaigns using Sociota to schedule the release of future content during the holidays. This will allow you to maintain a presence while not employing people to work on these special days. You should still maintain normal etiquette when posting to your social media profiles. These social rules include:

  • Don’t be too promotional, only have 1 out of every 4-6 updates as a sales message.

  • Share information that is relevant to your audience.

  • Share information that is highly useful to your audience.

  • Share content from other users.

  • Be conversational.

  • Use images to gain more interactions from your updates.

When Should You Run Your Christmas Campaigns?

Running your campaigns during the holidays is different than the rest of the year. Normally, research has found content is shared and interacted with more in the morning on Twitter and Google+ and in the afternoons on Facebook and LinkedIn.

During the Christmas period, it is more likely your audience will be opening presents, cooking the traditional meal and travelling to friends in the morning. However the afternoon should be different. By about 3pm there is a huge boost in the traffic to these sites, with the exception of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, being a professional’s networking site, is more likely to be quiet over this period and you should limit your content to this network.

For the other networks, you could post a couple of Christmas messages in the morning and then concentrate the rest in the afternoons between 3pm and 7pm.

In the week that follows Christmas Day, there is a period of high intensity for B2C businesses; as the post Christmas sales start. This is when you will want to focus a high proportion of sale messages detailing what you are offering. These again should be pre-programmed using tools like Sociota.

Should Business To Business Post During This Time?

B2B businesses do face a difficult dilemma during this period. While you may want to maintain a presence on social media, few of your target audience will be using the Christmas period to complete work. Therefore, while you should maintain a presence, the content should focus on more personalised messages.

This should be repeated for Boxing Day.

As many businesses are still closed down or running with limited staff for the period between Christmas and News Year, a reduced campaign might be best. This is because many decision makers are not in the office between the two holidays or they are not looking for new suppliers. Therefore, you could waste your time posting sales content between these important holidays.


The Christmas period is a time for family, friends and loved ones. There are few businesses that are operating from Christmas Eve to News Year Day and therefore B2B businesses will struggle during this period. B2B businesses are advised to only create the occasional update, between Christmas and New Year, so their social media profiles are kept active.

In contrast, B2C companies can find themselves very busy during this period and should use social media management tools like Sociota to create and schedule updates that will attract target audiences to their online stores. Once the audience has been directed to your site, you should experience greater lead generation, sales and revenue.

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