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Importance of Social Media Reporting in your Online Business

Importance of Social Media Reporting in your Online Business
by Vartika Srivastava Posted on Friday, October 23, 2015
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It is quite a known fact that finding and analyzing results of Social Media Report play a significant role in flourishing your online business. Businesses conduct an in-depth analysis of social media activities on a daily basis. These companies keep a hawk’s eye on precious business insights and take appropriate action to improve their website performance.

An important aspect of creating Social Media Report is how to communicate detailed report to the management on the basis of different metrics. Social media reporting is one of the key aspects of social media. It plays an important role in developing your social media strategies and objectives leading to successful media campaign. It helps in enhancing the ROI of your company by effectively analyzing your social media strategy.

According to Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2014, “92% of marketers consider social media as an important place for marketing with business rising up to 86% in 2013.” A structured social media report helps in analyzing loopholes in your business process. Without a structured social media report, enhancing engagement, reach and followers across multiple social media channels is a complex and tedious effort.

For instance; According to Social Media Marketing Industry report 2014, “Blogging is an important aspect for businesses, around 68% of marketers plan on enhancing their use of blogging, making it to the top most area, where marketers will invest in for 2014.” The statistics of this report can help companies focus their attention on well-written, crisp and specialized blogs to win their target audience.

Creating a social media report is an important aspect to explain your progress on social media. You can select the relevant statistics and deliver it in a simple format. A social media report is simply a collection of data and statistics and depends on your social media strategies and objectives.Your social media progress may vary depending on different factors like; followers, clicks, re-tweets and favourites.

It is important to understand the major objective of your business while creating a social media report. Understanding your ultimate goal is extremely important, this will help in making important business decisions. As a social media marketer, you would not want to send a report to any of the random selected individuals.

Before sending social media report, you need to take into consideration certain important aspects like:

Highlighting the important metrics to the management: There are a host of metrics that needs to be analyzed while making a social media report. The most important metrics that are associated with your larger business objectives are the ones which are extremely important.

Frequency of the Social Media Report to be sent: Companies need to have a clear idea about the frequency of social media report to be sent. Some of the companies want weekly reports but others want monthly reports. While other companies want quarterly reports and some others want reports right from starting to end.

List of people the report should be sent to: The question that arises is that either the report should be sent to just the senior executives or it should be sent to other teams like; online marketing, customer support and the SEO team. Before sending the social media report of your company, a social media marketer needs to discuss it with relevant manager or senior executive.

Sociota helps you in generating a comprehensive social media report on the basis of different elements like sentiment, engagement, activities and reach. With Magic Box Reporting tool, you can easily analyze how your social media profiles are performing in comparison to their competitors or hashtags. Sociota helps you in creating a detailed social media report thereby helping you meet your broader business objectives.


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