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Looking To Boost Your Social Media Profile?

Looking To Boost Your Social Media Profile?
by Nikhil Tiwari Posted on Friday, September 19, 2014
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Do you want to significantly increase your online reach? Are you looking to introduce your brand to new audiences? Sociota’s Corporate profile may be your answer to that. Our highest level package offers unrivalled abilities to manage and improve your social media campaigns. As with our lower tier packages you:

• Can add an unlimited number of social media profiles to your account.

• Can keep a constant vigil on your social media scores to check for significant improvements.

• Will stay up-to-date with a live RSS feed providing you with the latest content delivered by chosen publishers.

• Have access to live reports for your Social Reporting, Profile Analytics and Post / Link Analytics.

• Have advanced Follower Management.

• Will be able to monitor hashtags to determine the best time to use them.

• Can post the same content to a pre-determined group.

• Can discover how your social media updates are performing by recording the comments, likes and their viral scores.The corporate level of our packages offers a greater number of Sociota points, so you can reward more people with sharing your content and following your profiles. We also offer Corporate members the chance to share their scores via their website and blogs with our API service.

This is the perfect package for large corporations with many different Facebook and Twitter accounts. The large number of sociota points and the unlimited number of scheduled messages mean you can create various campaigns to run simultaneously. 

You don’t even need to limit the work to just one person. Simply add team members and assign them to the social media profiles they can manage. This allows you to limit the control certain members of your team have while keeping all your profiles in one place for easier management, monitoring and analysis.

Contact us today about Corporate Membership and receive the tools to push your social media campaigns onto the next level.

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