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Multiple Facebook Account Management on Sociota

Multiple Facebook Account Management on Sociota
by Nitin Tripathi Posted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Social scheduling and management on FaceBook pages and accounts is the most powerful feature of Sociota. It provides you a friendly platform for managing multiple FaceBook accounts and multiple pages 

Follow these simple steps to manage your Facebook accounts on Sociota which is designed for an actionable multiple Facebook account management.   


Schedule post on multiple accounts and pages at simultaneously

Using Sociota you can post or schedule your messages at any desired time on any number of Facebook accounts or pages. 

You need to just click on the omni-present post scheduler and then type your message and select the accounts or pages on which the post needs to go. You can also schedule you posts to a specific time in the future or bulk update a list of update which will be posted on your timeline after a the set time interval.

Watch your feeds

Using Sociota you can watch your FaceBook accounts and Page feeds all at same time on a single screen. This enables you to open parallel panels for your user feed or account feed for all kinds of cross platform management.

It is important to know what are your connections saying or doing on your time line hence keep an eye on everything that is happening on your timeline, interact and engage with each one of them right from there. You can also analyze the virility of each of the post or even other analytics.


Account analytics

Using Sociota Analytics you can analyze each of your account or page. These analytics provides useful insight as to how a page or an account has been developing over a period of time. Things like ‘page like’ statistics and followers count over a very intuitive graph. The Sociota score is a cumulative matrix which defines the performance of your account or page on a real time basis sub divided to four sub matrixes Reach, Engagement, Activity and Sentiment. 

Sociota is a complete solution for managing multiple Facebook accounts or pages. It’s a great tool which increases your work productivity by saving huge amount of time and giving great insight on your competitor as well as your own accounts and pages. 

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