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Other Uses For Your Social Media Profiles

Other Uses For Your Social Media Profiles
by Nikhil Tiwari Posted on Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Social media is one of the best ways to build awareness for your brand. The majority ofcontent published online is marketing designed to direct the audience to visit a website. With so many businesses looking to develop relationships with their customers in this manner, it is little wonder the majority of social media campaigns don’t reach their full potential.

What your brand needs to do is differentiate itself. To do this, consider using social media for a number of reasons; not just publishing content to attract users to your website. Here are some of the more interesting methods you could use social media for.

1. Recruitment

According to statistics, 92% of all businesses use social media for recruitment. The majority of that activity occurs on LinkedIn. The tasks undertaken on social media during the recruitment process include checking the credentials of applicants and advertising open positions.

While these are very useful, you could save your business considerable costs and time by using social media to identify candidates. Search for keywords you would expect to see on the profile of your applicants. You can then contact the users and ask them if they would be interested in your open position.

There are many benefits of recruiting on social media. The first advantage is that you can save costs by seeking and discovering talent through free platforms. Secondly, using social media allows you to carry out a quick credential check on potential candidates – filtering out unsuitable candidates. Finally, social media offers you a quick solution to finding potential candidates.

2. Customer Service

US consumers expect businesses to actively monitor their social media accounts and respond to queries and complaints. Customer complaints is one of the fastest growing areas of social media use with customers expecting a response within just a few hours of their complaint.

Many customers have found that by complaining online they can achieve quicker results and collect greater compensation awards. This is often because businesses who unexpectedly receive complaints panic and overcompensate.

To improve your customer service, ensure you respond quickly to complaints, even if you don’t know the situation being referred to. Always state you are going to investigate the scenario. After your investigation, consider what a reasonable offer for the customer is. Ensure offers are made privately through direct messages.

3. Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing is very important. Not only can it provide you with details of who is interested in their brand, you can also see trends within your industry and adapt your strategy to compensate.

You can also notice when mistakes have been made by your competitors and use newsjacking to draw attention away from them and towards your brand. This can be powerful if the brand has made regional or national news.

Finally, you can see what offers your competitors are giving your target audience. This allows you to either create better offers or avoid that category of product offers altogether. The latter option can be good if you are particularly fierce rivals or your products are too similar.

4. Build Your SEO

Social media is one of the easiest ways to grow your site’s SEO profile. Bing includes Facebook likes in their search algorithm, Twitter is used by Google to discover and index content quicker and Google+ is used by Google in its page rank score. You can also use LinkedIn if you have a personal brand as LinkedIn often has higher search rank than a personal website.

Therefore, social media cannot only increase the chances of you being found on these networks; but can also increase your exposure on Google, Bing and other search engines.


Social media has many applications. By utilising it different ways you can give your company a larger return on investment on every social media platform you are using.

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