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Significance of Keywords in Social Media Strategy

Significance of Keywords in Social Media Strategy
by Vartika Srivastava Posted on Thursday, October 8, 2015
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The first thing that strikes mind on listening the word, “keyword” is its relation with the search engine rankings. People tend to overlook importance of keywords while developing their social media strategy. However, keywords play a crucial role in company’s brand positioning and converting website traffic into lead generation. In such a scenario, sticking to just one formula for monitoring performance of keywords is not enough. Companies need to have comprehensive and in-depth analysis of keywords in order to analyze their performance.

Comprehensive keyword analysis can lead you to the top of search engine pages. There was a time, when SEO was synonymous with just keywords. Stuffing your blog with the appropriate HTML tags, article tags, metadata keywords was enough for wining top most position in search engines. However, today many other factors have sprung up like user reviews, pay per click and a host of other features for enhancing search engine rankings. According to Pratik Dholakiya, the co-Founder and VP of Marketing of E2M, a digital marketing agency and MoveoApps, a mobile apps development company, “Today, that A=B correlation between keywords and search rankings is not the same as before and has been taken to a completely different level”.

How keywords are organized on a page depending on the concept of position, frequency and distance ensures visibility of your articles in search engines. Few years back, the most appropriate place for stuffing your keywords was the body of the webpage. In the present scenario, SEO professional having right aptitude would not consider keyword stuffing anymore. It surely does not mean that keywords do not have relevance. Using the keywords in the appropriate place at the right amount can fetch you top most position in search engine results and drive enormous traffic to your website.

On having the list of keywords, you do not need to just go on pasting keywords across every page on your site instead:

  • You need to target on keywords that are ranking high for your website
  • Your keywords should appropriately be placed in your content
  • A qualitative, crisp and well-written article is bound to get you higher rankings
  • Write content for your target audience based on keywords is a great option instead of search spiders

How to use keywords based on your social media strategy? Another important aspect of employing keywords for social media strategy is to focus on your specific needs like whether you want it for branding, converting or hybrid strategy. Depending upon your strategy, you need to choose type of keywords in your web pages.

Branding Strategy focuses on attaining higher rankings for specific keywords without targeting on leads or conversion. Broad search terms are best for this particular strategy.

Conversion Strategy focuses on the objective of drawing traffic to our website. Further, you want traffic to select your service by filling out a form or purchasing of a product, in this case long-tail keywords will sort your needs.

Hybrid Strategy is the one that includes combination of both branding and conversion strategy. In this strategy, you want both branding and conversion to happen as a part of your social media strategy.

An important aspect of significance of keywords for social media is to understand the difference between usage of keywords for your social media strategy and business SEO strategy. At this crucial juncture, comes the role of social media management. Sociota provides solution for your social media worries. It offers you comprehensive keyword analysis on the basis of your social media profile performance using Magicbox reporting functionality. Sociota helps you find out how your social media profiles are performing in comparison to your competitors. With Sociota, you can easily create social media report of your profile on the basis of summary, activity, reach, engagement and sentiment.

Keyword research for social media is not a one time job. It needs to be done continuously at frequent interval to ensure your content reaches target audience. Understanding your audience by getting to know the topics of their interest in their social network can help you increase social engagement and thereby online business success.


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