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Social media Tips for Christmas And New Year

Social media Tips for Christmas And New Year
by Nitin Tripathi Posted on Wednesday, December 17, 2014
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The holidays are the most awaited time of the year for the four ‘F’-words, don’t get me wrong, i am talking about Friends, Family, Food and a Fresh start. Well Food is taken care of by the Family, which makes you a ‘Family Guy’ and the Friends are always around if you have beer. But what about a ‘Fresh Start’ also the new year is enough days from now to still concentrate on the present year. As they say:


“A Fresh Start Is As Good As The Old Ending”


Christmas is the time when a business should be at its peak. With everyone trying to do that how do you stand out from the crowd. What makes a business better than the other in a highly competitive market. I as an entrepreneur myself and working in the digital world would like to share a few tricks more than tips out of my own experience.


Go Festive Go Pro!-“All Mankind like colors obviously your customers too”


Make your Social media profile as colorful as your store, business place or offers. Your profile pic, cover page, twitter theme are few of the first things that catches your customers eyes, so make it look as attractive as your offers. I personally enter the brightest and the most alluring shop or website first and then look for offers.


Where is the fun - “LOL we just love to eat the cupcakes”


Share some behind the scene pics. This makes its your customers feel personal with the brand. Always remember every one wants to know how it works. Upload the pre Christmas party pics and let your customers know its all fun for you working for them, and yes the more the merrier.


The wall is hungry, feed it- “Another brick in the wall”


People are in festive mood, they are free and not working a lot which means more time on the internet hence an hour without a feed on your wall is a lifetime in customer acquisition. Dont waste time. Make a perfect split of Links, Images and Text and start is now. Use The magic box on Sociota for a comprehensive posting and tweeting.


Peek-a-boo a sneak peek - “I know what you did last winter”


There is always someone somewhere who is doing something innovative  and its always a good idea to keep an eye on them. but what are the thing that you need to keep a track of? Well its simple. time of posting, days of posting, post split and pattern of posting. The Magic box on Sociota provides a perfect platform for such analytics.

So dance on the jingle, they are digital now and make the best use of this festive season take a break and hold on the four ‘F’- words, and yes

“Merry Christmas and an happy New Year”

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