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Uses of Social Media You Might Not Have Realised

Uses of Social Media You Might Not Have Realised
by Nikhil Tiwari Posted on Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Social media, like the name suggests, is all about keeping social while on the web but also has a range of uses that you might not have considered. Here are some great, alternative ways to use social media that you can take advantage of today!

1. Getting a job

Between 2012 and 2013, the number of businesses using social media to help people secure a job rose by 73%. Companies find that candidates show their true colours on social media and therefore your personality can become a selling a tool on the platforms.

Not only that, but your skills and talents can be demonstrated over social media. If you have a particular interest or talent (i.e. sales) you can write about such topics demonstrating to perspective employees how you can benefit them with your knowledge.

But be warned as well, it is estimated that 1 in 10 people have lost out on securing a job because of content on their social media profiles. Keep them professional or your privacy level high.

2. Getting free stuff

Everyone likes to have something for free and social media is certainly a hotbed for securing it. Twitter is particularly good for finding free stuff, especially e-books if you love reading.There are even user accounts which post the latest free products or deals on Twitter and Facebook which can help you find deals quicker.

3. Research

If you are taking a course at your local college or school, and need to conduct regular research for assignments, you can have social media do the leg work for you. There are many sites out there which write content referencing academic papers. These sites will then advertise their content on Facebook, Google plus and Twitter.

By following these sites you can find out about the latest research and spend less time having to search for it yourself.

4. Technical Support

Having trouble with a certain product? Some of the larger companies, and even some smaller ones, have special social media profiles to help you out. These sites are constantly manned and like to demonstrate their willingness to support their consumers in a speedy manner.

Therefore if you have an issue with a product, and don’t want to wait on the line for hours to be picked up in the queue, first see if they have a presence on social media.

5. To Complain

Hasan Syed demonstrated the power of social media when he complained over Twitter about his father’s lost luggage with British Airways. The simple message went viral and the airline was forced to act quickly.

The tweet was seen 25,000 times on Twitter, but that did not account for the coverage in the national and global news services.

6. Learning a New Skill

Social media has made it really easy to access new information. Therefore your opportunities at learning new skills have improved drastically. Look online for information on free training courses, tutorials and blogs which can help you develop your career or just learn something for fun.

7. Making Money

Making a little extra cash on the side is something which everyone can do on social media. There are many sites which allow you to participate in affiliate programs. These include Amazon, Ebay, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Apple.

If you like to review products online or have a tendency to mention what you have bought recently, signing up to some of these is a great way to increase your income. Those following you don’t even have to buy the product you have demonstrated. An affiliate link stores a cookie on the visitor’s computer and for any product bought within 12-24 hours, the company will often pay you.

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