Content Scheduling

The most obvious use of a social media tool is Scheduling. Posting on a social media site is the most important part and that is how you get noticed and reach your customers. Lets just get started with a short introduction as to how the scheduler works on Sociota. Look for a textbox at the top navigation bar which says Post and Schedule message and click on it, a drop down will open which looks like this.

There is a left and a right half of the entire panel. The left panel is where you compose your message. There is a character counter which will tell you if you have overflown the 140 character limit for twitter. Right below it is a our own link shortener This provides awesome analytics of the links you shorten once you make an account with it. The bottom half is where you select the account to which the composed message will go. You can select multiple account. The accounts with a tick at the bottom right of the icon are the ones selected hence they are bright compared to the slightly faded unselected ones.

Coming to the right half of the panel. Which has basic preferences like who would you want your post to be visible to and if you want an email notification of every post that is being posted. Then the most interesting feature of the scheduler is the calendar. This is where you select the date and time for the schedule.


If a post or tweet needs to be posted immediately just hit the Schedule button. Sociota also gives you the freedom to schedule your posts at a specific time in the future. Select the right date and time and hit the schedule button. This will wait for the specified date and time to post a comment. This way need not wait for the right time and make sure you login and post.

Lets have a look at one of the most interesting feature of the Schedule panel. The Bulk Update. Now lets take a scenario. Lets say you are on a countdown of a product launch or a big annual event which you need your customers to be fully aware of. And when an event is big, sitting and posting on twitter or Facebook might not top the priority list, but is god damn important. Here is the solution. click on the Switch To Bulk Update button on the right top corner, upload a .txt file containing all the messages in the specified format, set a frequency and hit schedule. This will post your messages (separated by comma) at the specified frequency.

Sociota scheduler is childs play. Make an account try it now and yes wait for a great new feature which will suggest you the content to share too.

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