Social Media Monitoring
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Social Media Monitoring

Looking at the rate at which social media has evolved over last decade one need not be a scientist to infer that it has become the single biggest platform for an individual to voice his/her opinion. Its like a digital democracy evolving beyond political or social boundaries.

Social Media Monitoring

A Dutch monarch once said that if you give right to every individual to voice their words there will be a 5 million people shouting at the top of their voice and none could be heard.

well, I couldn't have agreed more with him had this been 1800’s. With the kind of tools available today, we have gone beyond just 5 million; we talk about 500 million opinions and we could still make sense of it all. This is the power of social media monitoring.

Let Me Not Patronize The Concept And Give facts

70% of local businesses use Facebook. The U.S. has the largest number of Facebook users. There are now roughly 100 million active Twitter users. By active, we mean only those who log in at least once per day.

77 of the world’s 100 largest companies maintain a corporate Twitter account with media outlets being the most active users.

34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter, and 20% have closed deals too.

43% of online consumers are social media users.

If facebook users were a country, they would be consuming world’s 20% resources and would make world’s second most populated country. In terms of numbers it’s 1.3 billion.

Now with these numbers and a plethora of data, Social media monitoring becomes extremely important because it lets you segregate the data in terms of geo polity, gender, age group and most importantly sentiment.

Social Media Monitoring

The best a tool can do with this heap of opinions from Twitter, Facebook google+ or LinkedIn users is a powerful sentiment analysis. The job here is not only to give a positive, negative or a neutral sentiment but to give a quantum to the impact generated by this information.

Let’s see this with an example. Let’s take Ben & jerry’s for example. Now if people post & talk about it on twitter and facebook, there must be a sentiment attached to the post. It is generally represented by the kind of words used or the smilies or the punctuations like exclamation mark. Our system at Sociota reads through these tweets and posts. And using our algorithm, it does a sentiment analysis of the keyword. We have near perfected our system to give a weightage to the intensity of the sentiment.

Give us a key word and we brag the fact that we keep a memory of that word and log all the tweets and facebook posts till you want to manage it. We give you the liberty to download all of this in a CSV file and store it with you.

The future of this monitoring is to be revealed. The magic box is about to be opened but you need to wait for some time. The future as we see is fully customized social media monitoring and we wish to bring that in the magic box . we intend to keep it quick and easy, just like a magic box where in you put in some information and get back something way better. To know what that is, wait and watch our updates.

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