Social Media Management

Manage your profiles from one place. Add, delete and monitor basic statistics to ensure your social media management is performing well. Group profiles together so audiences can be separated for easier management. Click on the twitter or the facebook button at the top to add an account. Its fast intuitive and easy to do. Add as many account as you want and you never need to worry about them individually.

Social Media Profiles
(Available with free account)
Social Media Profile Management

Manage your profiles all from one place. Add profiles directly from this page by clicking on the social network link and then authorising our system to connect. Any Facebook page is automatically added to your profile list when you authorise Sociota to connect with your Facebook profile. Displayed on your social media profiles are the number of people who follow you and your profile’s score. This allows you to keep track of your profile’s general performance.

You can see your individual account score for each of your Facebook or a twitter account in the centre. The red cross button is for youe to enable or disable featuring an individial facebook page for a like exchange. The grean box next to each facebook page tells the overall score of each of your pages. Sociota provides you with great insight on overall or each individual facebook page as well as twitter handles for you to keep a trach of all of it.

Profile Groupings
(Available with Premium Plus And Corporate)
Social Media Group Management

Do you manage a lot of profile networks? Do you need to post different content to different profiles? Those who want their profiles grouped based on their intended audience can do so from this screen. Grouping accounts allows you to send content to a group in just one click rather than selecting the individual accounts each time you post content. This can save you significant amount of time during your content delivery management. This feature is great for corporations with various different business entities or individuals who want to separate their work, home and/or blogging profiles.

You can add as many account as you want to one group and one Profial can be in as many groups as you want. THis is going to make your life easier when posting the same content to different accounts. Group all the account from each clients under one group and multiple posting is just a click away. Each group can have pages or facebook accounts or twitter handles. There are three groups that are made by default whcih are Facebook accounts, Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts. Fiddle with it and make your groups.